Monkey has a cold and Babymama is excited about running again!

Sweet Rina,

You’ve been coughing and sneezing since yesterday and, at times, seem to be choking on your mucus, but so far, you don’t run a fever and your lungs sound clear. (The one good thing about being a nurse is that I am well equipped with a decent thermometer and a very good pediatric stethoscope from my time as a Pediatric Emergency nurse!) I’m keeping a close eye on you and making sure you are hydrating (feeding) well. This afternoon, you were a bit of a snuggle-bug and wanted to cuddle with me a bit more than usual, but I’m not going to complain! Your spirits are still good as you are currently playing on your exercice mat and giving me smiles all around! What a trooper you are!

I can’t remember if I’d mentioned this on here before, but because a lot of my co-workers and other people I know are recent new moms, I had created a walking group on Facebook and whenever it was convenient to some, we just post where and when we’re going for walks. This morning, one of the moms in the group had the best idea. The Times Colonist (newspaper here in Victoria) runs a 10K race every year and this mom suggested that we run it with all our little ones in strollers as a group! I am so excited about: 1-Getting back into running again. 2- Having a running goal (I won’t be up to 10K by the time the race comes around as it is held on May 1st this year, but I’ll do run/walk intervals) and 3- Jess, another mommy-friend who lives a street away from us wants to join us on our C25K (Couch to 5K) training program! It’ll be nice to have a running buddy and I’m sure you’ll have a blast with Alexis (her daughter).

So there. We will begin our training next week, bright and early in the morning and on days where we’re not “running” (as best as we can with strollers and me being so out of shape!), I’ll keep doing the Challenges and go out for walks with you. I would like to lose 30lbs and I think this combination is a good beginning to getting back into shape. I am also tracking all my food intake with the Plate tracker from


I can’t wait to get back into shape and to enjoy the endorphins from running! Get well soon my little Monkey, we have to run on Monday!



Mom & Dad Xxo

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