The morning after…

Gorgeous Rina,

You slept really well last night (after puking on your dad during your 2am feed!) and then managed to sleep unattended until 6:30am when we then moved to the couch until 7am. Then, it was time to get up.


There is no way I will attempt any form of working out today. I am completely pooped from yesterday and my cold. I’m having periods of hot flash which I think might be due to a fever. However, getting the thermometer to check would imply I’d have to get up and move… Not happening!

I’ve figured out that there are only 2 places that don’t hurt in my body: my back and my arms. EVERYTHING else is sore in varying degrees. Below is a list of my ailments because I feel like whining and it’s my blog so I do whatever I want on here 🙂

  • Head: headache from cold
  • Throat: sore from cold
  • Neck and shoulders: probably from tensing up while running on ice and trying to hold on to your stroller for dear life! Must. Relax. Grip. Next. Time!
  • Abs: sore from running
  • Quads: sore from running
  • Shins and calves: sore from running

If I get any energy burst later today, I will attempt some yoga in order to stretch and relax, but in case it doesn’t happen, here’s what I plan on doing today:

  • Shower and put my pj’s back on
  • Do some laundry
  • Attend to your needs / entertain you

That’s it! So much for getting off the couch! Hopefully, it will come eventually and I hope Jess feels better than I do. I have to rest today because we have to do it all over again tomorrow… The TC10K is 60 days away!



Mom & Dad Xxo

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