Week 1 done and over with!

Sweet Rina,

We did it! We finished the 1st week of the C25K program this morning. I was sooo not in the mood to go out running, but just knowing that I have the next 2 days off and that Jess and Alexis were counting on us to join them was enough to give me the kick in the bum I needed. Although it was a hard one and both Jess and I could really feel it today, it was our best run of the week! We managed to log 3.36k today! Yay for us! we’ll be moving on to week 2 next week.

I’ve been trying to focus a bit more on my running form and try to run more on my toes (which is the ideal running form) or at least, trying to achieve a midfoot strike. So far, it seems to work as I don’t feel too much soreness and my shins are hanging in there (no shin splints yet! Double Yay! for that one!) My shoes seem to be working out great for me too, which I’m really happy about. I was afraid to go from a very supportive shoe to a more minimalist one, but so far, I feel great! I’ve also been good at either doing yoga or Pilates on my non-running days!

Yesterday, you had another photo shoot, curtesy of this Babymama! Man, I love my digital SLR! I snap a few hundreds pictures of you every other day! Here are a few I took yesterday. There are also a few taken with my phone as I was putting you to bed last night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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