We’ve been through hell…

…and it looks like this:


You are super cozy in there… and dry…

and here’s what I look like, after our run today:

I'm a  wet, scary Babymama without makeup. Obviously, I'm enjoying this... NOT!

I'm a wet, scary Babymama without makeup. Obviously, I'm enjoying this... NOT!

Yes. We woke up to freaking rain, yet again and both Jess and I wanted to get this done and over with so we decided to head out in this lovely weather. At one point, there was so much noise from the highway traffic  that I didn’t hear the Garmin telling me it was time to jog, therefore, we missed an interval. We decided to just add one at the end. We kept on trudging along, being miserable. I think I was soaked by the time we finished the 1st interval. Joy!

Finally, it we were up to our 5th interval and Jess turned around to me and said: “I’m so done for today!” I managed to convince her to do the 6th and last interval of the workout. Good job Jess! I can understand her exhaustion as Alexis is getting sick and she was up all night. I am so very thankful to have Jess as a running partner. I don’t think I would do as well without her! I used to love jogging in the rain. Today, jogging in the rain and pushing a stroller was pure hell. Whatever, it’s done and over with. Now, I’m just trying to warm up. I figured I should be able to by the time I go to bed tonight!

Oh yeah, and now the sun is shining so bright outside right now, it’s really pissing me off!

Love you Monkey!

Mom & Dad Xxo

3 thoughts on “We’ve been through hell…

  1. I used to do buggy bootcamp with Rio and some days it would pour and pour and pour on us for the entire session (1.5 hrs). It was horrible at the time but felt sooo good after when you thought about your accomplishment. Bravo mamas on today’s endeavour!

  2. What really got me was that 2 hours later it was sunny and warm. Stupid weather! It had better be nice on Friday, we deserve it!

  3. I think I’d prefer the rain than scorching heat…not that my ass would ever be out there running, I hate running.

    Props to you ladies, you’re gonna be super athletic hot mama’s when it all pays off…not that you aren’t now but you know what I’m saying 🙂

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