Your mom is the luckiest!

Dear Rina,

Your dad has to be the most amazing person out there! At the beginning of last week, he asked me if I had used my computer and if everything was ok with it. Automatically, I thought he was planning something for my birthday and I started to go through my computer frantically looking for what he could’ve done to it. I couldn’t find anything and it was driving me nuts! I asked your dad to tell me what he had done, but he just wouldn’t say and told me to keep looking.

Yesterday, as I was walking in with you from a visit to Katie, Sam, Em and Lou, I received a text from a friend asking what I was up to next Saturday. I had groceries to unload and you were crying so I just shot a quick response saying that I would check with your dad and get back to her. She then text me that I should check my calendar, more specifically, my family calendar. I was surprised that: 1: she was being a bit pushy and 2: she knew about our family calendar??? You see, your dad and I share Google calendars so we know when we have appointments for each other and for you.

I was curious enough to go have a quick peak while getting a bottle ready for you. It turns out, we had an “appointment” next weekend for a little birthday getaway to a nice cabin up island with a hot tub, fireplace and BBQ included! Yay for your dad! He booked the trip a month ago and was just waiting for me to see the “appointment” in the calendar! This is such a great birthday present! I’m totally excited to be going as it was one of the places on my bucket list of places to see! I can’t wait for next weekend and I’m hoping we get some nice weather!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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