Mommy group!

Darling Rina,

The nice thing about having so many preggos at work at the same time is that we can all get together with our little ones. Today, we managed to get 4 mommies with their little ones as well as some co-workers who came by for a visit and a cuddles! You also got to hang out with your “soul brother” Myles (who was born 2hrs after you)! Below are a few pictures I took of the whole thing:


Myles' little harem... (From the left: Sophia, Alexis, Myles and Rina)

Myles and Rina, soul babies

You are trying to leave with the bumper pad and looking all innocent

Myles slept through the whole thing

On another note, yesterday we took a super long walk (2hrs, 10Km!) You fell asleep very easily and managed to sleep in this morning until 8:30am, after we moved to the living room futon. I guess the fresh air tired you as much as it tired me! When I was done with putting you down for the night, my hip-flexors were screaming for a good stretch so I did some yoga and felt much better. However, I was still a bit tight in the hip-flexors and the quads area. Nothing a bit of rest won’t cure. Because I had some carrot cake and a smoked meat sandwich for dinner, I HAD to do some Pilates tonight. I ended up choosing Pilates Method: Precision Pilates by Jennifer Kries. It wasn’t fun, but it had to be done and I managed to do most of all the poses. I particularly liked the stretching routine as it is more based on stretches I was familiar with from my days of dancing. I was happy to see I still retain a lot of my leg flexibility! I have also registered for and received a free coupon valid for 1 full-length workout for a month. I’m pretty sure I will pick one by Sage Rountree. I love her yoga style. I’ve been doing her free podcasts and thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of her yoga routines, yet I can feel the benefits from it all. I will get to it once we come back from our little birthday weekend getaway!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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