Birthday getaway!

Sweet Rina,

(This is a long post with many pictures… You are warned!)

I havent posted in a while, but then again, things were pretty much routine around here so I didn’t think it was worth blogging about our walking/playing/bedtime routine. We just got back from Tofino for the weekend. It was my birthday on Friday and your dad surprised me with a little weekend getaway to a cabin in Tofino with a nice wood stove and a hot tub. You traveled very well with needing only 1 stop each way in order to feed you. When we got to the cottage, they had just emptied and re-filled the hot tub so we weren’t able to enjoy it that night as the water was too cold. Your dad made a nice fire in the wood stove when we got back from a walk on the beach between Mackenzie and Chesterman Beach, followed a quiet night in after having a splurge dinner of homemade carbonara spaghetti!


A surfer heading out to the water on this overcast day in Tofino


Saturday, we went back to the same beach even though it was raining and snapped some more pictures. We walked for about 1hr in the rain and had you very well covered!


Well covered up in the Tofino rain


Some of my artwork...

We then headed towards town in hopes of finding something to do… Tofino is consists of about 5 streets and we walked all of them. You see, you go to Tofino for 2 reasons: to surf or to relax! We bought a bottle of wine for dinner and headed back to the cabin. We enjoyed some of this while you napped:


So inviting after a day in the cold rain!

When you woke up, it was all about Daddy-time!


Don’t they look alike???

Sunday, it was time to pack up and head back home 😦 Of course, fate would have it that because we were leaving, the sun was shining very bright (it was supposed to be sunny all weekend in Tofino…) Once we were done locking up the cabin, we headed out towards Long Beach to enjoy the sun and I snapped some more shots:


Last day on Long Beach


Snapping away!
Rina at the beach!

Thank goodness we had brought the ERGO with us! I thought you’d be fine without the insert, but it turns out you were much better behaved with the insert in. I guess, you like being higher up and looking around! I think being in a different environment had its effect on you as your sleeping patterns were all out of whack at the cabin, but you had a regular night here last night.


On the way home, we stopped by the side of this little creek because the colours were simply stunning. I haven’t touched the pictures at all on the following ones:


The water was THIS green!


Rocking the shades and the crazy hair!

I’ve decided to wear my hair wavy as I’m letting it grow and it’s just too much work to try and straighten it right now, hence the crazy hair!

Today was weigh-in day… I didn’t do as well as the previous weeks, but it was to be expected as I,ve had a few cheat meals because of birthday celebrations. Oh well! Only 27.8lbs to go! It is A-OK in my books. We are back on track today!

As I said to your dad, when we used to live in Quebec, we were surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings. However, British Columbia, in my opinion, has surpassed that beauty by the tenfolds! To me, nothing puts a balm on my soul like the landscape of ocean and mountains, all combined into one. Getting to spend the weekend in such beautiful surroundings was amazing. Getting to do it with you and your dad was priceless…


Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “Birthday getaway!

  1. Oh lady, you need to go to Montana. Take a trip through Glacier Park. Nowhere but there will ever be home. I was there most of my life and it still takes my breath away every single time.

    P.S. I love your hair wavy, it’s so cute!

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