Happiness is…

Sweet Rina,

I’ve been thinking a lot about my happiness lately and what contributes to it. Below are just a few reasons for which I am happy.

Happiness is:

My healthy, gorgeous, laughing daughter;

My handsome, loving husband;

Loving relatives;

The sun on my face and the birds chirping;

The smell of spring, the ocean and the forest, all available within 30 minutes from home;

Good friends, close by (Kel – always so entertaining, Jenn – i love your spunk, Katie – so good for my soul, every single time), far (Manu, Jo) and really far (Nattie, I so miss you dearly!);

Taking long walks on a daily basis;

Reading outside in the sun;

Cleaning up my eating habits


These are just a few of the elements that make me appreciate my life and make me feel blessed. We are not poor, but we are neither rich. The things we own are meaningful and the most precious things we have, in my eyes, are each other.


I'm absolutely and completely in love with that face!



Sleep well my gorgeous angel,


Mom & Dad Xxo



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