Weigh-in Monday, vegan attempt and Camel Pose

Sweet Rina,

Today was weigh-in day and although I did lose a bit this week, it wasn’t even a pound (again!) It’s a bit disappointing, but I’ll look at it as being a loss in any case. I am now down 3lbs in 4 weeks. Slow wins the race right?!? I also wanted to weigh you tonight, but I had lent our scale to Jess. She is flying to visit her parents tomorrow and wanted to weigh her suitcase! Oh well, I can always do it tomorrow and see how much you’ve grown!


I love that smile!

What's that???

Come here you!

Let's see... How many things can I fit in my mouth at the same time?

As I was doing yoga tonight, I did a few backbends and ended up doing the Camel Pose:


Camel pose


About a year ago, when I attempted to do Bikram Yoga (I know people rave about it, but I tried it 4 times and hated every second of it!) and we had to do Camel pose, I would always end up feeling this immense sadness. I swear, I teared up once. I went and asked the yoga instructor at the end of the class what was up with that and he said: Camel pose really opens up your chest and your heart. It makes you vulnerable to any emotion you have inside, whether it’s sadness or happiness. Now, I never found out what I was so sad about a year ago, but tonight, when I did Camel Pose I felt 2 things:

1. Amazement that I could still get in that position

2. No sadness whatsoever, just an ease in breathing!


I am also trying to incorporate more vegan/vegetarian meals in my diet to set a good example for you: eating well and exercising are important. I thought I had an entirely vegan day today food-wise, but your dad pinpointed that there is cheese on the lasagna I had for dinner. At least, everything was vegetarian! Yay for being vegetarian today, for me not being sad and for yoga. I gotta go now as your dad is waiting for me to watch Castle.


Mom & Dad Xxo

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