The greatest sound on the planet…

My sweet angel,

You started your day very early (0630, there’s no way I’m getting up this early… EVER!) and we cuddled on the futon until you fell back asleep, from 0730 until 0800. Much better! When I went to pick ou up after your morning nap, here’s what was waiting for me:


The face that greets me whenever she wakes up!

So happy when she wakes up!

We then met up with D for a walk around Beaver and Elk lake. You and I had been there before, but had never done the full loop. I had you in the stroller and you were very good for most of the 2hrs it took us. You only started to whimper towards the end, but in your defence, you had to eat! We hurried back home where I fed you and then we played on your mat (you rolled over a few times again and were talking to your feet a lot for some reason…?!?) Then, I put you in your Bumbo and was making silly faces and noises and out of nowhere, you were laughing out loud! All my life, I’ve said that the best sound on this planet was a child’s laughter and here I was, hearing yours for the first time. It made my mommy-heart melt all over again! It’s crazy all the things you’ve accomplished this month: full-on smile, talking (sort of), sitting up in your Bumbo, rolling over and laughing out loud! What’s in store for us next month? Only time will tell!

On another note, today is my 2nd day of vegetarianism and I felt great. I was a bit hungry yesterday, but not today, even though we walked 10km! I need to get a few ingredients to make a breakfast recipe tomorrow, but it will have to wait as I have to take my car in for a tune-up and get something fixed on it. Thankfully, your dad will take care of you while I go deal with my car as I’m not even sure they’ll have a loaner for me. I might have to wait for their shuttle to bring me back home. And we’re supposed to meet with Kirsten in the afternoon. She’s getting married this summer and I cannot wait to hear how her plans are coming along!

Sleep well my gorgeous Rina!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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