Detox, PMS and teething = cranky Babymama

Sweet Rina,

I’ve been sticking to a vegetarian/vegan diet all week and also stayed off refined sugars. As I noticed signs of detox everyday (toxins are leaving my body, if you know what I mean!!!) I’ve been feeling ok in general, except for last night when your dad cooked some bacon. Ahhh! The smell of bacon. However, it was late in the evening and I had already had my dinner and stuck to what it is I had eaten. This morning, I HAD to get up at 0630 am to bring my car in to get something fixed on it and discovered that I had a good reason for being cranky. Combine the PMS with sugar withdrawal and detox, add to it that you are starting to teeth and you end up with a cranky Babymama. Your poor Dad got the brunt of it this morning as I was trying to wake him up (to finish feeding you) and finish getting ready before heading out to the garage. I realized I was being rude and apologized to him. I guess he was still waking up  as he didn’t even realize I was being abrupt with him. Thank goodness I have such a marvellous husband! As for your teething, I’ve been giving you Camilia and it seems to be working so far.

Today, we were supposed to go for a 10Km walk with Katie, Em and Lou, but because it is raining (AGAIN!!!), I guess we’ll have to cancel that! I should probably get to cleaning up the place as it is quite messy around here. Ugh! The joys of being a stay-at-home mom!

Here are a few pics I took of you yesterday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Mom & Dad Xxo

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