Finally some sun!

Sweet Rina,

The sun finally made an appearance today and although it was a bit windy and on the cold side, I propped you in your stroller and we met up with Jillian to run (more like walk very slowly as Jill is 24 weeks pregnant!) some errands. It felt so nice to finally be out of the house and enjoy the sun. To top it all off, you slept for about 1hr straight in the stroller! Bonus! Although it took us 2hrs to walk a 5km, I really wanted to do it for the Worldwide WP 5k – the 5k blogged around the world.

I’ve also kept up with my yoga and Pilates practice and I’ve finally received Sage Rountree’s The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga DVD. I only did one session so far, therefore, a review will follow once I’ve done it a few more times.

I’ve been feeling good about my vegetarian/vegan eating and although I am a bit hungry, I think it’s also because I’m counting my calories (to lose my goal of 30 lbs!), I feel good overall and therefore, will stick to it for now! Stay tuned through the following week as I plan on attempting making homemade almond milk. I’ve also attempted to make the Croquettes recipe from The Kind Diet book, but that was a total fail as the only food processor I have is one that I have to operate manually like this one. Mmmyeah, not so much! I couldn’t get the consistency of the beans right, but I managed to modify the recipe and eat my black-eyed peas anyway! I’ll see what I can do about a decent food processor once I hear about what the damage will be on my income taxes. We just dropped off our papers this morning with the accountant and she said she would get back to us sometime in the next week!

You are now sleeping and your dad is home so I will go enjoy his company! 🙂

Sweet dreams!,
Mom & Dad Xxo

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