Happy 4 months to my giant girl!!!

Sweet Rina,

We just got back from our 4-month appointment with the doctor and here are your stats:

Weight: 6.72kg (14.8 lbs) which puts you at about the 75th percentile

Length: 67.5cm (26.6″) which puts you above the 97th percentile (what kind of giant did I give birth to?!?)

Head circumference: 39cm (15.4″) which puts you around the 10th percentile

*Percentiles are based on the WHO standards*

So. To recap: you are an extremely tall, well fed baby with a small head! The small head, you probably get from me as well as the well fed part (although, I am losing a bit of my extra weight! šŸ™‚ ) The length, you either get from your Grandma’s side of the family or from your Papou’s side of the family.

It looks like you also have a bit of eczema on your eyelids and in one of your neck crease. šŸ˜¦ I had noticed it before and it doesn’t seem to bother you at all, but it is quite red and dry-looking. The doctor recommended applying vaseline, but I’ll try extra virgin olive oil first. I’d like to delay the petrol product directly on your skin as much as I can! I’ve also ordered a natural body wash from Chartreuse and am waiting for the delivery and am using Burt’s Bees in the meantime. I hope it will work!

You’ve now been asleep for close to 2hrs (ever since we got back from the doctor) which is quite unusual for you! You did, however, skip a nap this morning due to our appointment, so I guess that makes up for it! Here is a picture of the 2 of us, on your 4 month anniversary!


You're trying to eat my nose!


Mom & Dad!

2 thoughts on “Happy 4 months to my giant girl!!!

  1. Go Rina!!! 14.8lb! Wow! No issues in the growing department! Now you just need to focus some of that growing energy on your hair! šŸ˜‰

    Eczema on her eyelids? Boo… but they are so adorable with that bit of red! Hehe… Hopefully the olive oil works.

    • She is in serious need of some hair! As for the Eczema, I’ve also read that fresh aloe can help getting rid of it. I’m just a bit afraid that she’ll have an allergic reaction to it if I put it on her skin. I may give it a try as we have tons of aloes around the place (our landlord just gave me another plant earlier this week!)

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