4 months immunizations and complete turn around!

My gorgeous Rina,

You will never cease to surprise me. When I think you’ll be a happy giggling girl, you cry until you’re purple in the face and when I expect you to be crabby, you prove me wrong and are the easiest baby to care for!

After all the crying you did yesterday, I managed to do a Pilates workout and it really helped me relax and let go of all the stress I was feeling. I’ll be honest and tell you that I wasn’t looking forward to today as I knew you were going to get your shots in the late afternoon and I was expecting you to be a crying mess. That’s why, when SuperMama texted me and asked me to meet her and the SuperGirls at a nice little cupcake café near the beach (the café is a total mommy-baby hangout, so much fun!) You and I got there first and we walked around the neighborhood.


Look at all those cherry trees in bloom!

I then waited for the girls to arrive. There was a woman sitting at the table next to ours who couldn’t get over how cute you are. We talked for a bit, she told me her daughter used to look just like you as a baby, no hair and all, and then she asked me your name. When I told her you were named Rina, she asked me how we spell it and then told me it was exactly how her sister spelled her own name! What a coincidence! You see, Rina is not a common name and to find someone with the same name as yours will probably be a rare happening in your life! After a delicious vegetarian Panini, we did some shopping for toys for you and the SuperGirls, then, we all headed out for a walk along the beach. We were having such a good time, I almost lost track of time and was surprised when I looked at the time as we had to hurry to your immunization appointment.

We were lucky enough that I had asked a friend from the NICU who now works at the health unit we go to for your shots if she would do yours today. She agreed and I’m glad she did as it was quick and you only cried for a few minutes. Everywhere we go, people give me compliments on how beautiful you are with your big blue eyes and your cute little hats knitted by Mamie! 🙂 I think you’re starting to know how cute you are as you just bring on the smiles for everyone and anyone who pays any attention to you! 😉 Your dad and I may just be in over our heads and not know it yet!

I’m off to do some yoga in the living room (although I had the great idea of doing yoga on the beach today, I’ll have to plan to do it eventually!)

Sleep well my love,

Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “4 months immunizations and complete turn around!

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