Babysitters and sitting in the sun

My darling Rina,

The sun decided to finally make a long overdue appearance today and since your dad wanted us to visit him at the squash club, I decided to walk there. I took the “hilly” roads to get there, but made a few shortcuts and ended up walking along the golf course. It was so much more peaceful than having to walk along the busy roads and I still managed to get a good workout out of it. I’ve realized that since having you in your stroller with me on my walks, I have to stop a lot more often as people often strike conversations about you! 🙂

As soon as we stepped inside the squash club, we were greeted by the Squashies (the usual crew that Mama used to play squash with!) and it was really nice to see them. The were all ooh-ing and ahh-ing over you. You should’ve seen your dad. He was so proud to show you around and you were all smiles to all those new people. It warmed my heart to see you dad walking around the club with you in his arms and you could just tell how happy he was to be able to show you to all the people at the club who get to interact with your dad on a daily basis and see tons of pictures of you, but rarely get to actually SEE you! You were so tired from all the attention, you fell asleep as soon as I got the stroller moving on the way back home! When you awoke from your nap, I fed you and then, we took some pictures in the sun 🙂

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I put you to bed and then got ready for my date night with your dad (and your 1st with a babysitter). I was a bit nervous about leaving you, but I was hoping you would just be sleeping and nothing would happen. I got a nice glass of wine to help me relax and enjoy my evening and managed to text the babysitter only once, to make sure everything was going well (it was, you were sleeping!) I had a great evening, but by 2300, I was more than ready to come back home to you!

The dinner was good and I managed to stick to my vegetarian (no vegan options) diet. However, the pasta was white flour pasta and I indulged in a piece of cake (probably full of refined sugar) and came back home to a bloated, rumbling stomach… I was not feeling well, but still managed to sleep. I’m still a bit bloated this morning and am hoping to feel 100% by tonight. It just goes to show that I’ve been able to “cure” myself from refined sugars and white flour without too many incidents, but going back on them is not really agreeing with me 😦

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