Weigh-in Monday (a day late) and cuddles

Sweet Rina,

Yesterday was weigh-in Monday and although I did weigh myself, I just didn’t have time to blog about it. It wasn’t a successful weigh-in 😦 I’ve gained 0.4lb… Oh well! Actually, all things considered, it wasn’t that bad as I WAS struggling a lot last week with meat and cheese cravings on top of crappy weather preventing us from going on for our long walks. I have also planned my menu for this week, but seeing as I have so much leftovers from all my cooking last week, I’ll finish those before I get cooking again.

Yesterday, we had a visit with SoulBrother (your little friend who was born 2hrs after you and whose mom I work with) and it was lovely to get out of the house. We grabbed some groceries on the way home and after I put you to bed, I made breakfast for this week (I was out of breakfast meals! 😉 ) The recipe is from Oh She Glows and I made her Giant Upside Down Apple Pancake, doubling the recipe and pre-cutting into serving sizes so that I would have enough for the week and could just grab a serving straight from the fridge. I’ve wrapped up each portion in Saran Wrap and just pop up my serving in the microwave in the morning. I have to say, this breakfast is really flavourful! I have been a bit hungry all week last week from the breakfast quinoa I made, but now that I am back with some oats and bananas in the morning, I feel satisfied again. Here is my pic of the end result.

Oh She Glows' Giant Upside Down Apple Pancake

God knows I need to feel satisfied as you have been waking up earlier EVERYDAY for the past 4 days… I just have a mental barrier that I can’t seem to break about getting up before 7am and you seem to want to try to break that barrier, getting up anywhere from 0600 – 0630. Ugh! I’ll try to get you to bed a bit later tonight and see if you’ll “sleep in” in the morning!

You’ve also started to cuddle lately. You never were a big cuddler, but over the past few days, when you get tired, you just cuddle in my arms with your head on my chest and I must say, I’m loving every second of it!

In other news, your auntie Sandy is coming for a visit with her other half Steve. It will be the 1st time we meet Steve as he was under the weather when I went for our visit in February. They’ll be staying with us over Easter and I’m pretty excited about having them here with us! We also have plans of hiking to Mystic Beach with you and hopefully, everything will go well and we’ll manage to make our way to the beach uneventfully! You can be sure I’ll be taking pictures and posting them if we get there! Until then, I leave you with a picture of yourself with auntie Sandy!

With aunt Sandy

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