The S word…

Good morning gorgeous girl!,

The S word would be success… but I am a bit afraid of saying it out loud as though I would be jinxing myself. Last night, I was determined to put you to bed around 8pm instead of the usual 6pm. You fed around 5pm and then went for a nap until 7pm allowing me to have dinner at a more “normal” hour (which hadn’t happened in a loooooong time!)  and I then went to wake you up. That’s right, you read right, I. WOKE. YOU. UP. I know “they” say never to wake a sleeping baby, but I knew that if I didn’t do it, you’d go through the night just like every other night, hence waking up at 4am and again at 6am and I was not willing to have that happen again. So I went against “their” better judgment and woke you up. Sue me!

I let you wake up on your own, cuddling you in my arms, until you flashed me your famous “I’m awake” smile. I then ran your bath and proceeded to your usual bedtime routine. You drank a little less than usual, but considering you had taken a very good bottle just a few hours earlier, I wasn’t too worried. I think you woke up again around 2am (I say I think, because I was asleep and your Dad got up to feed you. He says you took a long time to get back to sleep then 😦 ) and again around 5am. I tried to put you back to sleep in your bed, but you wouldn’t have it, so I went to the futon with you, where you passed out until 0730! I was actually up before you and managed to slip out of the futon without waking you up! 🙂 You are currently napping and I’ve had time to have my coffee, breakfast and a shower without waking up your dad either! This is almost a perfect morning in my book!

Your Dad just woke up and you are still napping. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new sleep routine for you and you’ll adjust well to it. It may sound stupid, but that extra hour of sleep in the morning is so beneficial to me. I’m not sure if it’s the extra sleep or the fact that I was able to do yoga last night (and relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders), but I feel so much more rested this morning. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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