Sweet Rina,

Your aunt Sandy and her boyfriend Steve got here 2 days ago and I got to see them as I came home from a well deserved massage. My back is a giant knot from holding and carrying you around all the time and it felt great to try and “untie” my back. Yesterday, we decided to go for a hike on the Juan de Fuca trail. We selected 1 beach to visit as I was a bit apprehensive about you. You’ve never been in your ERGO for longer than 1 hr and I was wondering how you would tolerate the whole trip (about 1hr to get to the beach, same to get back and we wandered for about 1hr on the beach once we got there). My plan was to get you out of the ERGO once we hit the beach, but you fell asleep and I wasn’t going to wake you up! You did very well, staying in the ERGO for the full 3hrs and we even managed to feed you and change your diaper in the woods, just after the suspended bridge (we logged your dirty diaper back with us in order not to pollute the forest).

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It was a very good workout for me and we worked out an appetite which was rewarded by a trip to Mom’s Café in Sooke. It has become a tradition for your father and I to go there after we do a hike on the Juan de Fuca trail. I was even ready to have a “regular” burger if they didn’t have a vegetarian option available, but they did! You were very good and behaved very well at the restaurant, so much so that the waitress was impressed with how quiet you were!

This morning, we had breakfast at Floyd’s Diner and then went to get some shopping done in town and walked along the waterfront. I can tell you that I definitely feel my quadriceps, my hamstrings and my calves from the hike yesterday! 😉 Tomorrow, depending on the weather, we might go to Botanical Bay (also part of the Juan de Fuca trail) or go to the Royal Victoria Museum. As for dinner tonight, I plan on making Pasta Della California from my Veganomicon cookbook and will just add some chicken to it for the meat-eaters! 🙂


Mom & Dad Xxo

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