Weigh-in Tuesday (a new trend??)

Sweet Rina,

After a weekend of hiking, it was nice to take the day off and do nothing around the house with your dad. You even got the benefit of a pyjama day as we weren’t going anywhere, so I figured, why dress you up? Your aunt Sandra left yesterday to go up island, but will be back on Saturday and your dad is leaving later this week for a squash tournament so it will be just the two of us for a few days… There may be spoiling planned for you over those few days! 😉

I weighed myself yesterday and had lost only 0.4lb since last week, putting me back to the weight I was 2 weeks ago (having gained 0.4lb last week). However, I’ve been tracking my calories religiously and combined with all the hiking we did, I thought it was weird I didn’t lose more than that. I decided to weigh myself again this morning and was really surprised to find out I had lost 2lbs since yesterday!!! Either the scale is wrong for one of the two weigh-in or I pooped my little heart out since yesterday! Anyway, I’ll go with the weight on the scale this morning which means that so far, I’ve lost 7.8lbs and have only 22.2lbs to go! Yay me!

As for you, you pretty much fed yourself for 2/3 of your bottle this morning. What I mean by that is that you held your bottle by yourself for almost your entire feed. I just had to help you towards the end, I think your little hands were getting tired. We’ve also been trying to put you to bed a bit later and you seem to wake up later in the mornings, but still need to be changed and you still need to come cuddle between the 2 of us in order to really sleep in. However, we no longer need to feed you in the middle of the night and your Dad is quite happy about that as it was his job to do so! 😉 When you wake up early morning, I change your diaper, wrap you up and prop you between us in bed where you promptly fall back asleep until 0730-0800. LOVELY! However, this morning, you decided to wake up at 0630 and I just let you babble in bed until 0700. I still cannot break that mental barrier of getting up before 0700!

I’ll leave you with a funny picture your Dad took of you before we started our hike last Friday:

You have no idea how mischievous your dad can be!

We love you very much little one!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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