Weekly menu and workouts

Sweet Rina,

After feeding you this morning, I got cooking right away for my weekly breakfast. After having picked my recipes for the week, I realized that my menus are all from Oh She Glows this week (except for the massive Pad Thai leftovers from yesterday!) I decided to make her recipe for Fruity Baked Oatmeal with Cinnamon Almond (I used pecans) Topping. Below is a picture I took of my final version. It was delicious! I love a good oatmeal with warm fruits in the morning!

I also have plans of cooking her Husband’s Healing Stew and 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta.  I will be posting pictures as I go along and cook up a storm.I have to go as I have a Skype call with a friend from the east coast. Skype rocks when people are so far away! 😉

Last night, I did a new workout before going to bed. I did Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout. I am so sore in the shoulder, legs and abs today! I guess it’s a good sign that I got a great workout then! 😉 I also have a few more of her workouts that I plan on doing and a friend said that her cardio workouts are really good. Maybe I’ll do one tonight! 🙂

I took advantage of the little bit of sun (it’s been a weird day weather-wise today) to take some shots of you. Below are a few:

I think she looks like her great grandmother Simonne on this one...

What a face...

Our little garden gnome!

Looking at the tulips


Mom & Dad Xxo

2 thoughts on “Weekly menu and workouts

  1. She’s filling out! Her little cheeks are getting so chubby! She’s so adorable.

    You inspire me to start working out as soon as I can. How long did you wait after she was born?

    • I think it was around the 8 weeks mark that I started working out, but I was taking long walks for about 4 weeks before that to try and get my card somewhat working… Best of luck!

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