Sweet Rina,

You thought I was disappearing didn’t you?!? It’s just been a pretty busy weekend with our getaway to Whistler and I’ve had a few appointments since we came back (a lovely massage yesterday and a not so lovely consultation with the dental surgeon this morning, more on both below).

The drive to Whistler was great. You are such a well-traveled baby and everyone thinks you’re the cutest little girl. You know it too well and just flirt back with everyone too! 😉 Here you are in our hotel room, flashing one of your signature big grin!

My smiling girl!

On the way back, we decided to stop for a surprise visit to our family in Vancouver and everyone wanted to take turns holding you. You did really well there too and weren’t being shy around all the relatives. We had quite the laugh when Amanda gave you a wig (she placed her long hair on your noggin’, it was quite hilarious!) I can’t wait until they email me the pics! That night, you gave me the best present ever: you slept for 12hrs with waking up only for a quick diaper change and fell back asleep right away. I don’t know if it was the traveling or the visit with the family that tired you out, but I was very happy to get a good night of sleep too!

Yesterday, after my massage, I wanted  to take advantage of the beautiful sun (2 days in a row now, it’s almost a miracle!) and visit a friend in the hospital (she’s pregnant and on bedrest, doing really well!), so I killed two birds with one stone and decided to put you in your stroller and walked all the way to the hospital. It was a little over 10km roundtrip and we also stopped by the unit where I work to go say Hi to my co-workers.

This morning, I had my consultation with the dental surgeon and have made up my mind about my wisdom teeth. After more than 17 years of constantly being threatened by the dentist about removing them, I’ve made the decision to get all 3 pulled out. June 3rd is the doom day and luckily, your Dad has the day off to take care of you while I’ll probably be zonked out from the sedation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be quick-healing with no complication and am glad to have the appointment so quick. Better get it done early and not fret about the whole thing for too long!

Last, but not least, here’s a little video I took of you, trying to get up on your knees. You are just progressing so fast and becoming a little person way too quickly for my taste, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it other than enjoy every second spent with you!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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