Inversions, teething and vacation

Sweet Rina,

As I’m trying to practice yoga a bit more (I’m aiming for a short 20-30 mins/day), I ventured in the world of inversions yesterday. Thanks to free podcasts from, I’ve found one that fits just that window of time. Let me tell you, inversions are not easy! I can balance on my head (tripod) and on my forearms, gently placing my knees on my elbows, but when the time comes to lift my legs up in the air, NOTHING! I think my core is just not strong enough right now, but it won’t stop me from trying every other day. Right now, I’m alternating between my Yoga Tune Up and inversions.

Today, you’re pretty crabby… You’re teething and there’s nothing I can do to help you out. I’ve tried giving you Camelia, an ice-cube in a net soother, acetaminophen and nothing will do. You’ve been crying for the past 2hrs with only a 30mins break to wolf down your bottle. You won’t nap although you’re exhausted and I’m trying to relax as your cries are slowly scratching my brain. I can’t wait for your Dad to come home from work.

Speaking of your Dad, he had a 3-day weekend this past weekend and it almost felt like we were on vacation. We were all relaxed and it was nice to share the chores with him. He even offered to get up with you to feed you in the morning, but my internal clock is firmly set to be wide awake at 0630 thanks to you! We even went hiking yesterday and it felt weird not having to push the stroller or carry you in the ERGO. I felt (literally) 20lbs lighter! Hopefully, we’ll get many more little vacations over the summer. For now, I’ll try to make you as comfortable as I can and hopefully, you’ll nap a little before dinnertime.


Mom & Dad Xxo

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