Don’t trust me, I’m a mom!

Sweet Rina,

Remember when I talked about how having you is affecting my memory? It’s been called “baby brain” or “mommy brain” by many people and I am the living proof of it. Your dad was asking me something this morning (I can’t remember now, see, mommy brain!) and that’s just what came out of my mouth: Don’t trust me, I’m a mom. Thank goodness for Google calendars and the ability to share those between your dad and I as I would never remember everything about all three of us! Oh well, at least, we have a very cute and adorable baby, who cares if I forget about stuff. What matters is that you’re well taken care of! 🙂

In other news, I managed to do my yoga inversions this morning! It wasn’t pretty and I’m far from not needing the wall for support, but I did it! You would’ve laughed, I was standing with my head upside-down in the living room and just screaming at your dad: “Babe! I’m up! My legs are up” while huffing and puffing Quite the scene, I tell you! It’s the small things in life that make me happy right now! 😉

This afternoon, we managed to connect with SuperMama and her SuperGirls and we grabbed a quick lunch and then went for a walk. You had been pretty quiet for most of the day and then had about 1h30 of intense crying from teething. I was letting you chew on my fingers and you were just gnawing at them like a little shark. I hope your teeth pierce through soon since I feel pretty useless when you’re in that much pain. I can only try to soothe you and show you that I’m here for you. I hope you know how much your Dad and I love you and how we are doing the best we can for you.


Mom & Dad Xxo

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