You have a tooth!

My little treasure!

As you woke up from your afternoon nap, I was playing with you and letting you chew on my knuckle when I looked down and saw a little crescent of white. I moved your tongue out of the way (easier said than done, trust me!) and there it was again! Barely piercing through your lower gum, but it’s there! Your 1st tooth! How time flies… I wish you would take your time and stay little for just a bit longer. I barely have time to process all your new achievements and milestones before you throw another one at my head. I’m just glad you still need me for a few things like feeding you, bathing you, holding you and most importantly, loving you. Your Dad and I are head over heels in love with you and we can’t get enough of you. You amaze us on a daily basis with your, already, strong personality. Don’t ever doubt that we both love you with all our might.

Sleep well little angel,

Mom & Dad Xxo

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