I need a massage… to get over my massage!

Sweet Rina,

I woke up today and almost forgot I had a massage scheduled for early in the morning. Here I was, going about our morning routine and thinking I had all the time in the world to clear the fog that seems to want to move in my brain lately (probably due to day #3 of being caffeine free). I remembered it just in time so I showered quickly, grabbed breakfast, put you down for your nap (lucky girl, I wish I could nap as much as you do! 😉 ), woke up your Dad and took off. I guess I was in much worst shape than I thought I was because Christina was working away on my back and my hips like there was no tomorrow. So now, I am lying on the couch with a hot bean bag on my lower back and I could very well use another one around my shoulders. I know that deep tissue massages work on, well, deep tissue, but it had been a while since I was THIS sore after one. It resulted in me wanting to take the rest of the day very slow and thankfully, you were on the same page and took long naps.

I also gave you carrots for the 1st time today and you were LOVING every spoonful! You were even looking for more once we were done! What a good girl you are!

As much as I’m drained and sleep deprived, it’s little moments between us that I cherish: your giggles when I tickle you, your outbursts when we make faces in the mirror or when you’re upset. My favorite moment of the day, however, is when I give you your last bottle of the day, after you’ve had your bath. That moment when you’re done drinking and we’re simply cuddling in your dark bedroom and you put your head on my shoulder (oh so very) briefly and then look into my eyes with your big blue tired eyes, making me wish you could stay like this forever. I know you won’t, but one can dream, right?!?

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Mom & Dad Xxo

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