Looking forward to sleep…

Sweet Rina!

I’m ecstatic and very much looking forward to sleeping… in our new bed! I had been complaining for a bit (ok, for a long time!) that I hated our mattress. It’s too soft for my taste and it has been giving me back aches for a while now, hence me complaining about it. Plus, every time we travel and go to hotels (thanks to Daddy’s work), we usually end up in a King Size bed and it makes such a big difference in my sleeping quality.

Difference #1: Daddy is a squash pro. He plays a lot of squash and even dreams about squash. I cannot tell you the number of times he was dreaming about smashing that ball… in my face. Not on purpose, obviously (at least, I hope not) but I can tell you, it is the WORST way to be woken up from a deep sleep, when he hits me straight on the nose or on the face.

Difference #2: I’ve been known to sleep in the star position, either on my back or on my belly. Now, that’s all according to your Dad, but apparently, I take a lot of room in the bed during the night. 😉

Difference #3: Ever since having you, we bring you to bed with us in the early hours of the morning, which means you get all the room in the middle of our bed while we are relegated to a few inches on the side, hanging on for dear life in order not to fall off the bed. Having a King Size bed will put an end to all this nonsense.

We had been looking at bed frames for a bit, shopping around and ended up purchasing this one, except the stain on our bed is an espresso color. I cannot wait for everything to be delivered. Your Dad decided to go ahead and purchase our bed and mattress after he saw signs for a 2-day sale at Sears on mattresses for 50% off. He was a bit fed up of you kicking him in the morning thought it was too good of a deal to pass.

Thanks BabyDaddy! You’re truly the best!


Mom & Dad Xxo


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