Because I care…

*After speaking with Mamie, she gave me permission to write up this post*

Sweet Rina,

I have debated for a bit now about writing up this post or not. Mamie has given me her blessing to do so about a week ago, but I was still on the fence about it. It’s Mamie’s story to tell, but since she doesn’t blog, I asked her if it was ok for me to mention it here, for you to read later on.

Mamie has breast cancer. I’m not going to beat around the bush about it and I don’t quite know how else to say it, so here it is.

She found a lump in her breast about a month ago and went to the doctor’s to have it checked out. Although she had a mammogram that was all clear last November, she didn’t want to wait too long as there is a history of breast cancer in her family. The doctor (who wasn’t her family doctor) sent her for a STAT mammogram and a breast ultrasound. She went for the mammogram and the radiologist didn’t like what he saw so they did the breast ultrasound right away (instead of on her scheduled appointment) and the radiologist still didn’t like what he saw. In Mamie’s words, he said it was worrisome. Enough so that they booked her for a biopsy right away.

The biopsy was done and then we ended up waiting about 2 weeks for the final result. I say final result because when she had the biopsy done, Mamie had asked how it looked and the person performing the biopsy said “it didn’t look good”. Still, I was trying to keep my hopes up and be positive about the whole thing. Until we had the final result, everything was possible.

Mamie called me last Wednesday to let me know that it is cancer and now, we just have to focus on what’s ahead and remain positive. The type of cancer she has is a “frequent” one and it has the potential to spread if not taken care of fast enough. We don’t know yet what kind of treatment she’ll be getting (chemotherapy, radiation, both, if a mastectomy will be needed or not, simple lumpectomy) until they go and remove the tumor and analyze the whole thing. Same thing for her stage. The biopsy report classified it as a stage 2, but not officially since it can’t be done until they remove the lump.

I was very sad when I found out about the diagnostic, and it is quite scary to think about it all, but Mamie has been really good at telling us that we have no control over it. The only thing we can do is be positive, go through the motions and hope for the best and she’s right. There’s no need wasting time and energy on the negative. I’m very glad I have you to keep me distracted as I feel useless being so far away. I know there isn’t much more I could do if I was close, but a hug is never lost! šŸ˜‰

I have written a few private posts about it that I won’t publish because this one sums them all up and there are details in the other posts that I don’t necessarily want to share with the whole world. I decided to write about it today because when I saw the doctor yesterday (for your check-up), we talked about it. She said she would start my baseline mammograms at age 35 instead of 40 and that we could start them now if I was worried about anything (I’m not at the moment).

Until we find out more, I’ll keep my chin up, de-stress with yoga and suck some of your beautiful positive energy and send it Mamie’s way. Your smiles have enough power to melt your Dad and I’s hearts, I’m pretty sure if I bank up the warmth it gives us and send it Mamie’s way, it can only help.


Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “Because I care…

  1. Sorry to hear that it was confirmed as cancer. I will ask Alexis to send some of her positive vibes to Mamie too. “hugs”

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