Being positive!

Gorgeous Rina,

Despite the sad news I shared with you yesterday, today, the sun came out and I have a few exciting things on the horizon so I’m keeping positive!

1st exciting thing: We have received our King size bed and mattress today and while you took a long nap, your Dad and I assembled the whole thing. It is truly majestic and cannot wait for tonight’s sweet slumbers!

2nd exciting thing: Tomorrow morning, I will attend my 1st yoga class. I have tried Bikram about 5 times in the past and never enjoyed it, but I’m willing to try different styles and see what’s out there. Eventually, I’ll find something that suits me. The class I’m attending tomorrow is called Yoga Chill. I’m pretty excited about it and will attend as a drop-in for now. If I like it, I’ll purchase a punch card since Saturday mornings are pretty much the only time I could go (while your Dad takes care of you).

3rd exciting thing: I’ve been doing my Yoga Tune-Up DVD for a month now and will begin month 2 on Monday. I was glad to see that, today, during my practice, I didn’t need my blocks or my strap anymore to do the poses. That means I’ve increased my flexibility. I can’t wait to begin Month 2 as I probably will start all over again with different exercises!

4th exciting thing: Sometime this weekend, I plan on enrolling us (mainly you, but I’ll be there with you) in a swimming class! I can’t wait! It will be for 11 days, 5 days/week for 30 mins each session. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Swimming was one of the first sports I got into when I was young as we had a pool in the backyard. I could spend my entire day in the pool! Classes will begin early July and Daddy said he would come with us for a few classes! 🙂

I will let you know how my night in our new bed went and how I liked my new yoga experience!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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