New bed and Yoga Chill

Gorgeous girl,

Our night in the new bed was Uh-Ma-Zing! Well, it was to me anyway except for 2 little drawbacks. I’m not used to sleeping in such a huge bed and was constantly afraid I was going to fall off the bed (even though there was tons of room left for me to roll around). I guess I’m just used to a smaller bed, but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get used to the new bed very quick! 2nd drawback: you were up at 0540 and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I got up with you at 0620, after I figured you wouldn’t go back to sleep and fed you and did mundane morning things until you looked about ready for a nap. I put you down in your bed, you crashed like a rock and I climbed back into my own bed for a little nap before going to yoga! 🙂

Then it was time for me to go to my 1st yoga class. The studio was small, but I didn’t mind. I walked in as the previous class (Tots & Moms yoga) was finishing and all the little kids said hi to me. I felt welcomed! 🙂 I met with Nicky and filled out the paperwork. I was also greeted with a nice cup of tea. One other student showed up and then, we were off for our class. The class was 1 hr long and I felt like I held my own through most of it. Although I wasn’t really watching at what the other student was doing as I really wanted to focus on MY practice. This was my time for me and I wasn’t going to spend it feeling self-conscious or comparing myself. The choice of music was not my favorite, but it was ok. We started off with meditation, then did some breathing awareness, chose an intention for our practice and then we took off. After a few sun salutations mixed with some warrior and triangle poses, we did a few balance poses (dancer and squat), before switching to shoulder stands. We finished with some meditation/relaxation and re-focused on our intention for our practice. Namaste!

I liked that we were only 2 students in the room and that Nicky came to correct our positions as we were holding some of the poses. I noticed that my shoulders have a tendency to creep up to my ears and therefore, I need to relax a bit more! Apparently, the class was VERY chill for some reason, but I didn’t mind as it was my 1st time! I’m hoping to be able to go a few more times as your Dad will hopefully be free to look after you while I’m there. Hopefully, I’ll get a punch card for 5 classes to begin with and we’ll take it from there. After the class, the teacher said I looked like I had done yoga before and I knew what I was doing on my mat! I guess my at-home practice has been beneficial after all! You can be sure I’ll keep up with my Yoga Tune-Up!

So here you have it! The new bed is great and yoga was good! Your Dad is now golfing as he has to practice for an important upcoming tournament (against your Nonno!) Hopefully, he’ll have enjoyed his day as much as I’ve enjoyed mine!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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