Mamie and Rina update!

Sweet Monkey!

I think you’re going through a growth spurt as you slept for 11hrs (uninterrupted) last night and went right back to sleep after your morning bottle earlier. Your teeth are also coming in (slowly), but we can now see and feel your super sharp little chompers! You truly are a really good baby and I’m glad to see you happy and smiling so much. It gives me confirmation that we’re doing something right, your Dad and I!

That smile just melts my heart every time!

In other news, Mamie’s surgery went really well. It was a day surgery, meaning she was in and out of the hospital the same day. The surgeon had to remove a bit more than he thought initially, but he is satisfied with the overall result of his work. Grand-Papa has taken really good care of her and she was also visited by the public health nurse yesterday. The public health nurse wasn’t originally supposed to visit Mamie, but she was in the vicinity of their home and figured she’d stop by instead of calling. I have to say, Mamie is very impressed by the care she has been provided so far by the whole team: walk-in clinic, radiology team, biopsy team and surgery team. Everything seems to be going well with Mamie, she’s even able to do her everyday care for herself and that’s reassuring. I’ve also been lucky to receive an outpour of love and support from friends and family across the country and I’ve made sure to bottle all this positive energy and send it right back to Mamie!

Now, the only thing left to face is the treatment. Mamie will need both chemotherapy and radiation therapy  to keep fighting the cancer. I think she is a bit sad about the chemotherapy as she will lose her hair and, for a woman, it’s not an easy thing to accept. Mamie is strong though and I’m sure she’ll pull through this little hurdle with the positivism she’s demonstrated so very well up to now. In order to show her my support, I’ve decided to do the Run for the Cure with Rina, hosted by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation on October 2nd, 2011. It is a 5km walk/run. I’d like to hopefully run it, if my shins behave, if not, I’ll walk it. My goal is to raise $500 for the foundation. I’ve decided to talk about it here as a mean to help me cope with the whole thing. I know a few people follow the blog and if you’re ever tempted to give money for helping finding the cure for breast cancer, I would be tremendously thankful to you. You can either donate online by clicking on the above link, then click on “Donate” and just enter “Valerie & Rina Uliana”. You can also just click on here and you’ll be directed back to my page on the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. From there, you can just click on the icon that says “Donate to Valerie and Rina” on the right-hand side. If you don’t feel comfortable with online donations, you can contact me personally (either through Facebook or email) and I will give you more options as to how you can help me reach my goal. If you don’t have my email and aren’t on Facebook, you can just leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you. 🙂

Proof that you can still be gorgeous, even without hair! 😉

I was supposed to go to Yoga Chill again today, but we’re hosting a BBQ later today and there are still a few things to do so I decided to not go. I’m just hoping the rain stops and we’ll be able to enjoy the outside a bit, if not, this place will be packed with people! Oh well, it’ll be cozy!


Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “Mamie and Rina update!

  1. I am so happy to hear that Mamie’s surgery went well. It sounds like she is a very strong woman! I will send her as many ‘hair keeping’ vibes as I can!

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