Lies, lies and more lies!

Sweet Rina!

Phew! We are both pooped after the whirlwind of the last 4 days. It started back last Thursday as we (you and I as your Dad had to stay behind and work) hopped on a plane for Montreal, QC. Your Uncle (my brother) came to pick us up at the airport and then we attempted to avoid the crazy Montreal rush hour/construction traffic. We decided to stop at a little hot dog place (Lafleur) and grabbed a quick dinner. I was starving as vegan options while travelling are close to nonexistent! I opted for a vegetarian sandwich at the Calgary airport, but I was famished by the time we landed in Montreal. I was positively surprised to see there was a combo with tofu dogs at Lafleur and therefore, that’s what I had! Then, on Friday, we were off again to go surprise Mamie and Grand-Papa. They didn’t know we had made the trip to come see them and Mamie’s reaction was perfect and priceless. Grand-Papa was also surprised once he came back from running errands.

A very happy Mamie holding Rina!

The real reason we had taken the trip was for an early 40th anniversary celebration for Mamie and Grand-Papa. Their anniversary is on July 1st, but we had to do it a bit early as your Dad and I are having your Nonno and Grandma over right now. So, there we were, reunited with Mamie and Grand-Papa and Mamie was on the phone with my godmother when she passed me the phone. I had to pretend to be sad not to be able to see her on my short visit, knowing full well I was going to see her the next day! šŸ˜‰

With Grand-Papa aka Papou! You share a similar haircut! šŸ˜‰

Saturday morning came around and we were off to go se Great Grand-Maman. Again, we had to pretend that we weren’t going to see each other in just a few hours. Your Uncle, Great Grand-Maman and I had to plot so many lies, I was afraid someone was going to screw up and let the secret out! Fortunately, everybody kept the secret! šŸ™‚

With Great Grand-Maman

4 generations of Babymamas! Somehow, you don't seem impressed...

We came back to Mamie and Grand-Papa’s in the afternoon so you could nap and Mamie could rest before the evening, what Mamie and Grand-Papa thought would be a small family dinner at your Uncle’s place. We then drove to Uncle’s place and started the surprise gathering of 30 close friends and family members to celebrate the wonderful love story of Mamie and Grand-Papa.

Mamie, Grand-Papa, Uncle and me (you were napping) Ā©2011 Jean-Marc Charron

Mamie and Grand-Papa Ā©2011 Jean-Marc Charron

Their smiles say it all during your Uncle's speech Ā©2011 Jean-Marc Charron


It truly was a testimonial to how much they are loved and supported through recent events. A success overall, if you ask me! The party ended around 10pm and then, it was time to repack my bags and put you to bed as we had another early rise this morning in order to fly back home where your Dad, Nonno and Grandma were waiting for us. We had a long flight up to Edmonton where we were only supposed to refuel and get a few more passengers, but we somehow got delayed and were allowed to go into the terminal in order to eat and stretch. I did a few Trikonasana in the terminal as well as a few Gomukhasana. I didn’t care if I looked weird doing a few yoga poses in the airport terminal, I hadn’t done yoga in 5 days and having to hold you constantly took its toll on my body.

Once we got home, our visitors and your Dad went to play golf while I unpacked us and cleaned up all your bottles. You then napped for 3 hrs straight ( šŸ™‚ ) and I seized the opportunity to pop in my Yoga Tune-Up DVD and those 32 minutes were pure bliss! Even those dreaded Monk Walks! šŸ˜‰

Since then, you’ve been bathed, fed and put to bed for the night (I hope!) until we hit the road again tomorrow with everybody in order to go visit more relatives in Vancouver. I’ll be glad to go back to my vegan diet and our regular routine after that!

Sleep well little angel, I know I will!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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