Back into our routine

Sweet Rina,

We didn’t go to the mainland yesterday since Grandma had been sick all night and was not feeling up to being on a ferry at all. Instead, we took an easy day and I got to go get some groceries for the week as we were out of vegetables and fruits. I went to my favorite market (The Root Cellar) and got some fresh produce: mangoes, broccoli, peppers, red grapes that I froze for a nice treat for both you and I 😉 and bananas. I then made a quick coffee and milk run for your dad since he was out of espresso and cow’s milk.

Your Grandma then cooked dinner for us (a nice risotto) while I took care of your bedtime routine. You fell asleep a bit earlier than your regular schedule, but only by 30 minutes, so all in all, not too bad for someone who has been across the country and back in 4 days! I was glad you weren’t too jet lagged! I was tired and went to bed relatively early. This morning, you were up about 1hr early (at 5am!!!) and I decided to take you to bed with us until we got up. Our visitors went to play golf with your Dad and we ran a few more errands.

I’ve made this recipe for dinner tonight (from 101 Cookbooks) and all I have to do is cook the noodles when dinnertime rolls around. We are now all watching a movie in the living room and you’re having your 1st taste of frozen red grapes (in your mesh feeder). Life is good!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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