The problem with swimming and new foods

Sweet Rina,

I think I’ve figured out what the problem is with the swimming class: the time slot. You see, you normally take a nap in the morning after breakfast and because we have to go to class, I have to do something that goes against the 1st parenting rule (which is: if a baby is asleep, you let him/her sleep!) and wake you up before you’re done napping in order to go to class. I think it’s part of the reason you don’t like it too much. This morning however, you took forever to go down for your nap and I had decided that if you weren’t sleeping by 9am, we weren’t gonna go to swim class today as you wouldn’t have slept long enough and would be grumpy for class (ok, grumpy-er!) To be completely honest, I was sort of looking forward to an easy morning at home, but true to Murphy’s Law, you fell asleep and we ended up going to class. Good for you, exhausting for me! Oh well, little sacrifices we make as parents for our lovely child! 😉

Today, we didn’t go into the pool before class started as I wanted to put all the chances on our side so we’d have a good class. I think you get cold if we’re in the water too long so I only went in with you when class started. I had also brought your soother with you in the pool. I clipped it to your bathing suit and it was floating around, easy for you to grab when you wanted it. Class went fairly well today as we (the parent) learnt how to go into the pool and out of the pool with you little ones either sitting or lying on the “deck”. You also managed to relax while on your back gave a few leg kicks and even had a few sips of the water as I was “teaching” you how to blow bubbles (pretty much, I blow bubbles making silly noises, you ignore me and lick/drink the water! Fun I tell you!) You only cried a bit once we got into the hot pool. I think you were getting tired.Tomorrow, we’ll be going into the dive tanks with you all and your Dad will be joining us for class! That should be fun!

This class is also really good for me as I don’t know my nursery rhymes in English and I’m learning a few as we play games in the pool. Although, I do a lot of mumbling and humming for a lot of them, I’ve now learned “Hokey Pokey”, “Purple Stew” and “If you’re happy and you know it”. I still need to work on my “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “7 little Monkeys”. See, Mama is working hard too!

When we got back home, we were lucky enough to have new food (for you) ready and waiting to be devoured. Your Dad was kind enough to boil and purée broccoli while we went to swimming class so you could try it once we got home. He followed the directions from “Blender Baby Food” (2nd edition) by Nicole Young and it gave us a very watery purée, but that wasn’t a big deal as I thickened it up with some oat cereal. You LOVED it! You kept opening your mouth and asking for more! The best part is we have quite a few leftovers so I froze some and kept some in the fridge for the upcoming days. This book looks pretty good and simple to follow and has recipes from 6 to 12 months! A good investment if you ask me! I was lucky to find the book yesterday at the grocery while getting some necessities. Hopefully, you’ll like a few recipes in there! Your Dad and I haven’t yet made up our minds as to how we’ll “feed” you (vegan or not). I’m still getting conflicting information in my reading materials and let’s just say our family doctor is SO NOT supportive of the vegan idea and she has made that quite clear on your last check-up, literally saying: “I’m probably the worst person to ask about bringing up a baby vegan as I’m totally against it”. Hmpf! So much for forgetting about your personal values and morals when dealing with patients! It’s literally one of the 1st things they teach you in nursing school: Don’t judge and don’t carry your personal morals / values when dealing with patients. Try to offer support and information so the patient can make an informed decision about things. I guess our doctor skipped school on that day when she was doing her pre-med / residency! Oh well, you win some, you lose some. That’s why I read a lot and talk to the public health nutritionist when I have questions!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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