Ahhh! TGIF!

Sweet Rina!

It’s finally Friday! You are in bed and we’ve managed to pack a ton into this day. We went swimming with your Dad this morning and, of course, you behaved pretty well for your Dad. If only he could come to the classes next week, that would make my life a lot easier, but unfortunately, he won’t be able to as he has a crazy week coming up. We came home after swimming, fed you and then you napped until it was time to leave again. We had some grown up matters to attend to. It had been long overdue and we had been talking about it ever since we got married, but today, we finally took care of it. I don’t really want to publicize what IT is on here, but trust me, it was important that we dealt with it and now, we only have one other grown-up matter to deal with and I’ll feel more at ease.

For dinner tonight, you proceeded to wolf down a full (4.5oz) of puréed pears. You just kept asking for more, so I gave it to you!

I’ve been so busy that I thought today was the 7th (it’s not, we’re the 8th) and therefore, the pictures from your 7-month-old birthday (?) are a day late, but here they are anyway!

Playing moose with Daddy


A face I am completely in love with!



Sweet dreams angel, your Dad and I are enjoying a quiet evening with a movie on the couch!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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