Iyengar yoga and your cuteness

Sweet Rina,

Earlier this morning, I went to my 1st class of beginner Iyengar yoga. It was 1h30-long and was free (although I gave a charitable contribution, paying it forward and all!) and I must say, I loved it! The studio is pretty big and light and I chose a spot next to the window so I was able to enjoy the breeze coming in every once in a while. The class was relaxed and I was able to do all the poses without any props. I really like the teacher we had today (Gary), but unfortunately, he was only subbing for the class. I came out of the class calm, refreshed and with my lower back a lot less congested than it has been in the last few days, however, the congestion has now come back. I’ve talked it over with your Dad and although my money is tight lately, we’ve agreed that for me to go to yoga once a week would be a justifiable expense. As much as I love being with you, I need some “me” time and it’s also good for you to interact with your Dad one-on-one. I think that Iyengar, combined with my regular practice of Yoga Tune-Up© would be really good for me and you too. After all, if I’m feeling good physically and mentally, you can only benefit from it, right?!?

Speaking of benefiting, you are just turning into a gorgeous little girl and as we were bathing you in the kitchen sink last night, your Dad shot some amazing pictures of you. Below are a few of my favorite and PG-rated ones! 😉

Your Dad said this picture has a very '70's feeling to it. I just love the colours!

You're so clean, you shine!

Your mesmerizing eyes get to me every time!

You're such a sweet girl!

Playing in the water!

Ahh! You truly have your Mommy and Daddy wrapped around your pinky finger… We’re in so much trouble!


Mom & Dad Xxo

2 thoughts on “Iyengar yoga and your cuteness

  1. Oh my goodness – those photos are precious!! Framers for sure. Nothing like a bathing baby in a sink – Classic!

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