First brush with (literary) fame and moving backwards

Sweet Rina,

I woke up this morning and found an email in my inbox titled: “Valerie — your blog”. It was one simple line from a reader saying he really enjoyed reading my blog. The exciting part of that email was that it was from Jeff Rivera, author and Editor-in-Chief of The Gatekeepers Post! Who would’ve thought that my little blog/diary would be interesting to anybody else but you and I (heck, I’m not even sure it’ll be interesting to you when you learn how to read! 😉 ) That put some sunshine in my very bleak and rainy morning! Yes, summer (seems like it lasted 3 days this year, and I’m not exaggerating!) has come and gone and we’re back to rainy cold-ish weather. Blah!

Yesterday, we went for a very quick visit with SuperMama and her SuperGirls! I managed to catch you getting beat up by Emme (not really, she just patted you on the head, but it made you lose your balance and crumble on the floor. It was pretty funny to watch actually!) on video as well as a short clip of yourself pushing/crawling backwards! I haven’t put them up yet as I didn’t ask SuperMama permission to do so. I’ll try to get one with just you doing your little acrobatics sometime this afternoon.

Only 2 more days of swimming class! As much as you seem to be enjoying yourself a bit more lately, I’ll be glad when I don’t have to go EVERYDAY to the pool with you. I plan on keeping it up maybe once or twice a week, but on our own schedule! I also want to get bak out on the pavement and try to train for our Run for the Cure 5km. I’d like to run it with you in the stroller so I need to get out and get training for it. Hopefully, the shins will behave this time around!

Gotta go, laundry is calling and we need to get ready for swimming class!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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