You passed and I caved…

Sweet Rina,

We had our last swimming lesson on Friday and at the end of the lesson, we got to enjoy the wave pool. You weren’t to impressed at the beginning, but did well overall and we managed to dunk you under water 3 times without too much fuss coming from you, which to me, is pretty successful! I plan on keeping up with going to the pool once or twice a week to keep you used to the water as we can only enroll you to your next class when you turn 1-year-old.

We came back home and I managed to catch a small cat nap while you slept, but I still couldn’t get my energy back up. I had been low on energy for a few days and I probably knew what the culprit was (low iron levels due to unusually long feminine situation) and I had been craving meat for 3 days, so I decided to cave in and listen to my body… Next time, I’ll just have an extra cup of coffee instead. After 3 months of being vegan, the tummy did not appreciate this assault! Your Dad could hear my gurgles all night and it made me feel like crap. I guess I’ve learned my lesson!

In completely other news, your Dad and I have been trying to see where we could go away on vacation at the end of August (I know we are making plans really late, but eh, that’s how we roll). Seeing as we are having really crappy weather, we were looking into going someplace sandy and beachy and sunny, but everything is slightly out of our budget so we are looking into other options. Some including going to visit our families back east (although that would be pretty pricey too and maybe not so relaxing) and going hiking up island. What do you think? Any suggestions?


Mom & Dad Xxo

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