Going bald for Mamie

Sweet Rina,

I had been debating for a while whether I would shave my head in order to show support to Mamie facing chemotherapy. I talked about it with your Dad and he was all for it (I think he just wanted to have fun with the clipper 😉 ), I had done tons of reading on  cancer forums about the shaving issue and I was still on the fence about it. A lot of cancer patients on the forums were saying that it was more of a reminder than helping to them when their loved ones shaved their heads. So, in the end, I decided to go for it and shave it all off. Your Dad decided to join me as well, although, the transformation for him wasn’t as drastic as it was for me. The reasoning behind it is the following: there’s not much we can do to show our support and love to Mamie from so far away and although I wasn’t sure about the end result, going through a bad haircut is nothing compared to what Mamie is facing and it’s the least I can do to “be there” for her. Below are some pics of the whole process.

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I’ve sent some pictures to Mamie so that she could see the final result and the thing that makes all this worthwhile is that she said it gave her hope to see me with my head shaved. That’s all I needed to hear in order to know I had made the right decision about chopping off my hair. To top it all off, the sun decided to show up today after what seemed like weeks of dreadful weather. That gave me hope that although Mamie is facing a few months of hardship ahead of her, she will pull through this like no one else. Here’s to a quick remission!

Mom & Dad Xxo


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