You’re the sweetest thing

My dearest Rina,

I have to say that after having shaved my head, I was feeling a bit self-conscious (a bit like the way my old dog used to feel whenever she’d come back from the groomers with a new ‘do… Looking to dig myself a hole and hide in it!) about the bald noggin’. People stare when we go out to run errands and I try to smile to people. It is a conversation starter and it gets me talking about Mamie, so overall, a good thing. The new look is slowly starting to grow on me and your Dad likes to hold contests of who has the softest head (you win every time, your Dad comes in second and I come in last because my hair is so thick, it’s prickly!) Today, a nurse came by to assess us for our life insurance and the 1st thing she said was: “I know you don’t have hair, but you’re beautiful!” It was nice to hear! It turns out she is BFF with a woman I work with. Small world, but I digress!

I think you’re getting sick :(. Although you’re breathing fine, you sound congested (more like sinus congestion) and you were really hot to the touch earlier today, but no fever. You also slept a lot today, hopefully, recharging your energy and fighting the little bug you seem to have caught. Before bath-time, we were playing on our bed and as I was putting your clothes in the laundry basket, I couldn’t resist kissing your little belly. You were laughing hysterically and wriggling around so much, that it only fuelled me to keep it going! We must’ve kept at it for a good 10 minutes before I reluctantly put a stop to this laughing fest. I have to say, it is honestly the nicest sound to hear. I know I’ve said it before, hearing a child burst out laughing is the sweetest sound on the planet, but hearing YOU, my daughter, laugh with pleasure and delight, it swells my heart with pure enchantment!

While I was giving you your bedtime bottle, you did something you hadn’t done in a very long time: you fell asleep in my arms. Your eyes were getting heavier and heavier until you finally gave in and fell asleep. I didn’t want to move for fear of waking you up. I could’ve stayed like this and just watch you sleep for ever, but you stirred and woke yourself up. We cuddled a bit more and you attempted to give me a few kisses (biting my nose, licking my chin and attempting to lick my lips). I swear, you give the most gooey kisses, but at the same time, I love when you come in to kiss me with your mouth wide open. You are growing up so fast and changing on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep track sometimes. I guess that’s the plague of being a parent: you’re always trying to catch up / keep pace with your child. Maybe that’s why we like watching you sleep, it’s our time to catch up to you.

Sleep well and get some rest,


Mom & Dad Xxo

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