Busy day and exercising!

Sweet Rina,

Today, we managed to cram as much as possible in our day! It all started with a meet up with Jess and her little one for a 1h30-long walk. You stayed at home with your Dad for some quality time together and although it was weird not to have you with me on a walk, it was good. I even managed to cram in a bit of jogging down the street to meet up with Jess. It was short, but since I’m doing the whole “barefoot”-style, I figured I would start slowly and tried to focus on my form and tempo instead. I can’t tell you how good those few minutes of jogging felt! I hadn’t jogged since our last attempt in February, when my shin splints came back with a vengeance! So far, so good. Maybe I’ll try this a few times a week and start increasing my time VERY slowly!

Once I was back home, I grabbed a quick delicious lunch of roasted acorn squash with mushrooms and sage and topped it off with a granny smith apple. We then packed you up in the car with your stroller and headed on over to the squash club where your Dad works. There is a spinning bike there available for warm-ups and I was going to take advantage of it and try to spin for 30mins. I managed to do so with a grand total of 4 mins off the seat (I know, it’s kind of sad, but it’s a start). Boy that was boring! I forgot to load up my iPhone with music and therefore, I just had to watch the clock go down and keep on pedalling. I realize that I need to integrate more cardio workout into my routine in order to lose weight and since I can’t seem to run without injuring my shins, spinning will have to be it for now as you Dad can watch you while I’m on the bike. We ended up walking (well, I walked and pushed you in your stroller) back home going around the golf course to climb up the stupid challenging hill while on the phone with Mamie. I only realized after I hung up the phone with her that I had managed to climb that hill, without stopping, still talking (mind you, it was laboured talking, but it was still talking!) while pushing you with one hand. WonderWoman has nothing on me I tell you! Ha!

Once back home, I gave you a snack and you went down for a nap while I tackled the kitchen. Ever since I read Caitlin’s post about her Daily Chore Calendar, I’ve blatantly copied her idea and slightly modified it for the needs of our family. Today is kitchen / dining room / floors day. It’s the biggest day on our chore schedule so I figured I’d get started with the dusting while waiting for our friend D to come over. You absolutely ADORE her! Every time you see her, you are full of smiles and you actually screech with delight whenever you’re around her. It is hilarious for me to watch you with her. I love it!

After D left, I played with you for a bit and then began your bedtime routine. You managed to sit in the tub unassisted for the 1st time today! Go Rina! Once you were asleep, I continued cleaning by vacuuming and I’m now waiting for the floors in the kitchen to dry up while I’m writing up this post. Phew! I did say it was a busy day! Maybe I’ll try to cram in a few yoga poses after dinner, but it’s already getting late so I won’t beat myself over it if I don’t. I have a feeling I’ll sleep well tonight!

Mom & Dad Xxo

3 thoughts on “Busy day and exercising!

  1. Hello! I am a new mom and actually have been creating a blog similar to yours, with letters to my daughter inspired by my friend who does the same thing, so you caught my attention! Your insights on motherhood are beautiful!

    Also, I think you’ve been referring to the Couch to 5K running program? It’s something I reached success with, and conquered shin splints with, just a year ago! I actually incorporate some specific yoga poses and stretches after each run in order to combat the shin splints… I *think* one is called “legs up the wall” haha or something crazy like that, where your butt is against the wall and your legs go up on the wall perpendicular to the top half of your body/back on the floor. I hope you don’t mind me sharing, but my friend who is a yoga instructor gave me the pose to try, and it was a savior!

    Anyways, great blog and good luck with the running! Your daughter sounds like such a sweetheart- I can’t imagine what it will be like to continue to watch my little one grow to the stages you write about. 🙂

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