Learning to walk handsfree, a new tooth and party girl

Little Angel,

We ended up going to the squash club so I could squeeze in a spinning workout. I did another 30 mins with 5 mins total off the seat. I know, it’s still not great, but better than nothing. You came with your Dad and cheered me on as I was pedalling away (ok, you chewed and drooled on your toy and your Dad cheered me on!) Your Dad took you home to nap after I was done and I chose to walk back. I walked my usual route around the golf course and little back streets to get back home. That’s when I realized it was awkward to be walking with my hands free. You see, since your birth, I’ve either been carrying you in my arms, in the carrier or pushing you in your stroller. Here I was, walking with just my weight to carry along. I had to readjust my body alignment in order to feel balanced. Who knew walking could require such work! I focused on tilting my tailbone down, instead of jutting it out, when going uphill as well as keeping my shoulders back and broad when walking flats (instead of slouching). They say pregnancy wrecks a woman’s body, pregnancy is the beginning of the wrecking, motherhood keeps it going! 😉

Before we left for the club, I noticed you have another tooth coming in. That is #3 for you and this one is on the upper gum. Unfortunately, it’s your lateral incisor on the right side. So to recap, you have your 2 frontal incisors on the bottom and your lateral incisor on the top. You’ll probably look a little pirate-ish once your tooth is all out and you smile and you can be sure we’ll take plenty of pictures!

Later in the afternoon, we were off to celebrate the SuperGirls’ (Em & Lou) 1st birthday. It was a gorgeous day in the park and your Dad came to meet us there once he was done playing squash. We managed to also squeeze in a quick video Skype with your Nonno and Grandma while you were all smiles for the people at the party. You looked pretty tired and before we left the party, everybody was saying how tired you looked and that you would surely sleep in the car. My reply was: “She never sleeps in the car unless we’ve been driving for at least 1hr.” You proved me wrong as I found you fast asleep in your car seat upon returning home. Meh! I guess mothers don’t always know best! 😉

Below are some pictures of the birthday party


Now, we are all exhausted from a day of exercising and sun. You are fast asleep and we’re not far behind! 😉


Mom & Dad

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