The problem with getting up early…

Sweet Rina,

The trouble with getting up early is that you get so much more accomplished in a day and get also get bored earlier in the day too. It is just a little past 8am and I have one load of laundry hanging outside and the second one is in the washing machine as we speak (type??). I’ve also had time to make a few adjustments to our new Deuter Child carrier (you can read all about it here) and I’ve even walked around and outside the house with you in it (we were both in our pyjamas, but nobody was aware as it was around 7am and most people are still sleeping at this time on a Sunday morning! ;)) Now, I just feel like I could go for a nap, bu then, I also feel like it would be a waste of time. Now, we’re just waiting for you to get up from your nap (although, you absolutely refuse to sleep even though you have baggy eyes :() so we can all go to the squash club and I can get on the bike for 30 mins and get a bit of a workout under my belt before we head on out to the SuperGirls 1st birthday party!

You see what I mean about being able to do so much more in a day when you wake up at 6am?!?


Mom & Dad Xxo

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