Frazzled sleeping patterns and Rebooting

Sweet Rina,

Over the past week, you have been changing your sleeping patterns. I should be more precise and say your napping patterns. Thank goodness you still sleep your (often) uninterrupted 11hrs at night. I just don’t know what to do with you during the day anymore. You used to take 3 naps and tally a total of close to 4hrs of nap sleep, now, we’re down to 1-2 naps and if we tally 2hrs, we’re lucky. The result is a tired Rina who doesn’t want to be held, doesn’t want to play, doesn’t want tummy time or back time nor do you want to try and crawl. You are just grumpy and I find myself not knowing what to do with you at times. After trying for over 1hr to have you nap this afternoon (I took you to bed with me, hoping to get a nap too, no such luck) I put you in your child carrier and took you around the lake. It was hot, but I didn’t hear a peep out of you. You seemed pretty content in there and it gave me a bit of a break from your whining! I must say, it’s been a pretty draining week for me. I feel horrible for you as you have baggy eyes, but keep fighting sleep whenever we put you down. Twice this week, you’ve fallen asleep in my arms drinking your bottle, something you NEVER normally do. You are just exhausted and I feel horrible for not knowing what to do. I don’t know if it’s your new tooth that’s bothering you, but I sure hope that this too shall pass… Hopefully, a lot sooner than later. I’m getting tension headaches from it all and it’s no fun dealing with a tired you with a headache. Ugh!

In other news, I’ve started a Reboot today. It’s mainly a food detox program based on eating fruits and vegetables as well as juicing. Don’t worry though, I get in plenty of calories and more than enough grams of protein to make it through te 15-day program. This morning’s breakfast had way too much cinnamon in it and the mid-morning juice was quite gross to be honest with you, but my lunch was pretty good and I’m also looking forward to dinner! I’ll keep you posted on how things go as I go along!


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