Hiking fail! Peden Lake: 2 – Babymama family: 0!

Sweet Rina!

Today, after looking up quite a few hiking sites, your Dad and I decided upon going to hike Peden Lake, a new-to-us place to hike. After researching it a bit over the net and asking the parking attendant at the Sooke Potholes (the beginning of our hike), we felt confident we could make it to the lake and back in 4hrs. Ha! Such fools we were! It all started with me closing the car door on my calf. It’s a long story and I’m blaming my mommy-brain for that one, but I can tell it’s going to take a nasty color by tomorrow:

It's already sore to the touch!

Then, we strapped you in your new child carrier and off we went. I decided to carry you for the 1st part of the hike (until we reached the lake) and let your Dad carry you on the way back. We hiked for about 1h when we came to a fork in the trail and since there wasn’t any sign and we were going by memory as to what to do at the fork, we went “right” and kept climbing for about another 30mins before we stopped to feed you as you were starting to complain. Did I mention that so far, most of the climb was uphill??? I was pooped and my hip flexor were screaming. We finally figured out that we had taken the wrong side of the fork and decided to walk back to chose the other path. So far, Peden Lake was winning 1-0 on us. Your Dad decided to carry you from this point on (mostly downhill. Hello quads, how you doin’ burnin’! Also, you were pretty much complaining/crying from this moment on so kuddos to your Dad for having you crying in his ears for this long!)

We walked for maybe another hour before we, grown-ups, needed to refuel as well. We chose a log to sit our behinds onto (what a welcome rest) and feasted on an orange and a homemade trailmix. You also had a few bites of the orange and loved it! (It was your 1st time) Looking at the time, we made the decision to turn back around. There was gonna be no Peden Lake for us today, unfortunately, as it was getting late, we were hungry and it was getting close to your dinnertime. While we were making our way back, you picked up the decibel levels in your backpack and we came to realize that the 1st time we had turned around, we hadn’t actually backtracked far enough as we came to the “true” fork in the road. Peden Lake scored again: 2-0!

While we made our way back to the car, my hip flexors were screaming for some rest and so were my quads. Iyengar yoga will be more than welcome tomorrow morning! 🙂 We ran into this really nice gentleman who suggested a website for us to look up where they have tons of maps. I think we should also invest in a nice compass if we plan on going a bit more “rugged” in our hikes instead of sticking to the more touristy ones. Below are the only pictures I took of our hike. There wasn’t much to see as we never made it to our final destination and we were pretty deep in the woods for most of it.

Arbutus tree. My second favorite after the willow

"Where the heck are we?"

In the middle of nowhere. That's where we are!

After all the crying you did, you passed out pretty quick in the car. You're also cuddling with your monkey! 😉

We have plans on attempting the hike again on Sunday after more careful research and if the weather permits! 🙂


Mom & Dad Xxo

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