Mt. Work: Done and done! (also, your 1st hiking injury)

Sweet Rina,

I have been wanting to go up Mt. Work for quite some time now, but I was too wussy to go there with just the two of us. It’s a good thing I didn’t as I would’ve never made it to the top by myself! We parked on the Ross-Durrance Rd parking lot and took the 5km (roundtrip) trail to the summit. It took us about 3hrs to do the roundtrip 300m ascent/descent. We probably could’ve parked at the Munn Rd parking lot and do the climb to the summit from there, but the trail looked more challenging from the Ross-Durrance parking lot and I’m always one to challenge myself.

Now, here’s the thing about my hiking. I wish I was as graceful as a gazelle and that I could hike as easily as a mountain goat, but to pretend so would be a big fat lie. I am not graceful. I still have my mommy-pouch and it hangs out over the lumbar support of your backpack when I carry you, I’m sweaty and often out of breath. More often than not, I look like a zombie on the ascents and a grandma on the descents! My hiking isn’t pretty, but I get there no matter what. My motto is to keep on pushing and see what my limits are. It doesn’t matter that I get passed hiking up to the summit by tons of people (including children!), as long as I get to the summit!

Once again, your Dad carried you to the summit (much to my relief!) and I carried you on the descent. Not because your Dad didn’t want to do it, because I WANTED to carry you. It’s a good workout for me and gets my quads all fired up. Going down steep inclines is just as much of a workout as going up them and it got me sweating in no time!

View from the (almost) summit of Mt. Work

Family pic, courtesy of a nice German hiker!

Rina celebrating her 8 months on the summit... with a bumblebee!

After we were done with the torture going back down Mt. Work, we were pretty hungry and decided to stop by the Red Barn Market to grab a quick sandwich. Below is a picture of your Dad’s and you in the background, sitting by yourself in your own big girl chair. You’re growing up too fast! Speaking of growing up, we weighed you for fun last night and unless our scale is off, you’re a healthy 23lbs!!! As for your 1st hiking injury, you got smacked in the forehead by a tree branch and now sport a lovely reddish/purplish stripe across your face. You can barely see it in the pic below as it was taken with the iPhone, but you were pretty upset when it happened… Get used to it my lovely, it won’t be your last boo boo, unfortunately!

Your Dad's sandwich from the Red Barn Market. Mine was a veggie one and just as big!

You are now fast asleep and I’m probably not far behind!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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