I’ve been slacking off…

Sweet Rina,

Although I’ve been pretty busy with my mommy-duties and hiking lately, I’ve really been slacking off with my at-home yoga practice. I’m still going to my beginner Iyengar yoga class on the weekend (I’ve even registered for the general class next semester upon my teacher’s suggestion. I’m not quite intermediate, but not quite beginner yet so she thought the general class would be good for me), but couldn’t get back in to my daily 1/2hr practice at home. It’s been a little bit harder to keep up since I now clean the house on a daily basis (a different room everyday), but I’ve worked on the cleaning schedule so that I now only clean 4 days/week (and the whole place still gets done once a week) and have 3 days off. It’s also a bit hard to juggle my practice with your naps as you don’t have a set napping schedule. You usually nap once in the morning and once in the afternoon, but your napping times vary from day-to-day and sometimes, cleaning up while you nap takes over yoga. 😦

I’ll also admit that the Yoga Tune-Up © DVD I was doing over the last month was definitely not appealing to me. I didn’t enjoy any of the pose, didn’t feel like I was particularly working hard at them or feeling a relieving stretch from any of them either. Quite the turn-off with to get on my mat to be honest! However, today, I decided to change DVDs and it was perfect. A few lower back, psoas and iliacus stretches, a few balancing poses, a quick mini vinyasa-flow and lovely spine twists to cap it all off.

It was just what I needed to make me fall in love all over again with my home practice! Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it up on a daily basis on top of my weekly class. I can really see a difference in my mental state when I don’t get to practice on a regular basis and I NEED to do this for myself in order to be the best Babymama I can be for you.

I gots  to go as you just woke up from your nap!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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