Mt. Maguire hike

Sweet Rina,

Today, we went and explored a small part of the East Sooke Park. Our plan was to hike Mt Maguire and loop around to the Coast Trail. We parked at the Pike Rd parking lot and headed south on the Pike Rd Trail. We then headed East on the Anderson Cove Trail, all the way to the summit and headed back down south on the Coppermine Trail. We then joined the Coast Trail and headed back North to Pike Rd Trail. The overall trip took us about 3h30 and I decided to carry you for the ascent this time around.

The ascent was pretty good and the trails are very well-kept. We had very precise instructions from the book Hike Victoria(by the same author of Bike Victoria and Walk Victoria) as we had read online that the trails were not very clearly signed. We made it to the summit after about 1h30 and sat on the very nice park bench up top to grab a small bite to eat.

Relaxing on the bench at the summit.

View from Mt Maguire's summit

Nice plate on the bench at the summit

Flying baby at the summit!

When we were done refuelling, your Dad took you for the descent and we started to make our way towards Coppermine Trail. We made it to the entrance of the old mine, but decided against going in as we were poorly equipped with only 2 of theses little LED lights and the entrance was completely flooded. It would’ve been nice to try and get in (if it hasn’t been closed off, which we strongly doubted) 😦

You're fast asleep in your bag

Sign in honor of the minors at the turn of the century

Entrance to the old Copper mine. We tried going in, but it was full of water and we didn't have proper flashlights with us, only little LED lights

Once we were past the mine, we walked in silence for a bit. At one point, I saw a big boulder on the trail and it reminded me of the cottage we rented when I was younger in the Eastern Townships (Sutton, QC). In the winter, on the way to the cottage, we used to drive in front of a similar boulder that had a thick coat of ice on it and used to pretend to visitors that the ice never melted off the rock, not even in the summertime. A lot of people believed us! Then, that thought got me thinking about Birch trees and how you barely find any on the west coast. I used to collect Birch bark as a child and draw on it once I returned home. I always thought it would be something I would pass along to my children as Mamie used to tell us Birch bark was Indian paper”. Funny how life changes depending on where you live…

View from the Coast Trail at O'Brien Point

View between O'Brien Point and Iron Mine Bay

Let’s just say that, once again, I was glad you Dad was carrying you as it was a bit treacherous in some parts of the trail as we had to climb some boulders and as we got to the Coast Trail, the trail was right along the cliff and I wasn’t enjoying myself much… You see, I am very afraid of heights and parts of the Coast Trail is on the VERY EDGE of the coast! I was very busy just focusing on getting myself across the trail and very thankful for you Dad to carry you!

Tricky (for me) part of the trail. I'm deathly afraid of heights and this stretch was narrow and right along the cliff above the ocean. Not my favorite part of the day!

Arbutus hanging above the bay

Very pretty views of Iron Mine Bay

Sign at the western end of the Coast trail (the end of the trail for us). Where was that sign on the eastern side???

Let’s just say I was glad when we got to a wider and more inland part of the trail. The rest of the hike was pretty uneventful and we ended it with a good meal at the now traditional Mom’s Café whenever we are hiking in and around Sooke. Mmmm! Good food in our bellies and you got to flash your toothless smile at tons of people around our table!

We are now home. You are finally sleeping (and teething, but I gave you a bit of Advil to help you fall asleep) and my legs feel, once again, like jelly. My quads are sore as well as my hip flexors. Hopefully, I’ll get to do a bit of yoga tomorrow to stretch it all out as right now, I’m expected to curl up on the couch, cuddle next to your Dad and watch Sherlock Holmes (with the eye candy very talented Robert Downey Jr.)

Sleep well little angel,


Mom & Dad Xxo

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