Sweet Rina,

We are officially on our little hiking getaway and I cannot tell you how excited/happy that makes me. We left home yesterday under a lot of rain (of course it’s raining, we’re on vacation!!!) and slowly made our way to a lovely and quiet B&B called the Miracle Beach Inn (between Comox and Campbell River I think???) where we are staying in the Bear’s Den. It’s a lovely suite with a full kitchen, 2 bedrooms a small living room with wood burning fireplace and bathroom. Although the bathroom doesn’t have a tub so you are bathing in the kitchen sink for the week! 😉 The B&B is also fully equipped with a tennis court, a swimming pool, BBQ, and hot tub. They even have an old german shepherd who you coo to whenever you see him! His name is Hudson and he is 13 years old. Quite the old man, I tell you! I’ll be sure to post pictures of the B&B and Hudson later on!

About 30mins after we left home, we realized we had forgotten the wonderful home-cooked lasagna I had done the previous day at home 😦 Oh well, at least, it’s in the fridge and will still be edible for us when we get back (hopefully). On the way to the Miracle Beach Inn, we stopped at Rathrevor Beach Park in Parksville to visit Mike, Paula, Graham and Janel. They are camping with their trailer in the campground and I must say, it is a really nice campground. I wouldn’t mind trying to camp there once we have a bigger tent and a sleeping bag for you. The campground is really well-kept, the lots are nice and big and distant from one another and it is close to the beach with a nice playground for when you’re a little bit older!

On the menu today, we plan on going to explore Elk Falls Park. It should be a fairly easy and flat trail today and hopefully we can go explore Saratoga Beach when we get back to the B&B. We’ll also need to plan what we’ll be chowing down on for dinner. Once you are in bed, we’ll probably go relax in the hot tub as we can easily hear you if we have your bedroom window open. 😉 You see, we are living the life!


Mom & Dad Xxo



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