Your Dad is my hero!

Sweet Rina,

We’ve been hiking our butts off (literally) over the last 2 days. We’ve estimated that we covered close to 20km of hiking in those 2 days. Today, we went to Baby Bedwell Lake and your Dad carried you THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH!!! He is officially my hero. It’s a good thing he did too as I managed to lose my footing 3 times throughout the hike and it would not have been pretty had I been carrying you on my back.

The ascent to Baby Bedwell Lake is about 600m up and it took us about 5hrs to do the roundtrip (with a break at the top to eat and relax a bit too). On the way up, my calves felt like a massive ball of pain and on the way down, my legs were jelly. My quads kept screaming in pain and it’s as if they were saying they couldn’t give me anymore than they already had, and yet, I kept pushing through. I also gave into a few tears on the ascent as the climb was just never-ending. I broke down once I saw yet another staircase climbing upwards. I wanted to give up so many times, but I’m glad I didn’t. The view from the lake was simply breath-taking.

Finally arrived at Baby Bedwell Lake

Your Dad is cooling off in the lake

My turn!

You're just having a grand old time!

Smiling girl!

Tomorrow will be a rest day (Thank you sweet lord!) and we plan on going to Saratoga Beach. For now, we have soaked our sore muscles in the hot tub, I’ve iced my knees and we’re about ready to pass out watching a movie!

Sleep well,

Mom & Dad Xxo

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