One lazy day!

Sweet Rina,

As planned, today has been a very lazy day. We had scheduled a day of rest from hiking today to give our sore muscles a break and give you a very well deserved break from your backpack. We wanted to go to Saratoga Beach, but opted instead to go for a walk on Miracle Beach, which is closer to our B&B. However, once we got there, the beach is full of rocks and we were only wearing flip-flops, therefore, walking was cut short and we quickly came back to relax at the B&B after getting some groceries for dinner tonight.

Miracle Beach

The three of us on the beach

Our afternoon consisted of the following:

For you: playing outside on your blanket in the grass, eating and napping

Your Dad: watching online videos of Bear Grylls (I think Daddy has a new man-crush 😉 )

Daddy, captivated by Bear Grylls (and yes, that's a picture of you on my laptop background!)

Me: Reading a magazine by the poolside, swimming in the cold pool (70°F / 21°C) and reading blogs online.

I had this big pool all to myself this afternoon!

On the menu tonight: Playing a bit more with you when you wake up from your nap and before bedtime, then we’ll cook ourselves some marvelous dinner and will probably end up the evening with a hot tub session (Lord knows my calves need it, they are full of lactic acid today, which doesn’t look like much fun for our hike tomorrow 😦 ) and probably a movie/tv watching/ reading before we go to bed.

The relaxing hot tub where we soak every night

Ever since we’ve started our hiking trip, I’ve been on the lookout for a nice pine cone to photograph. I finally found one lying on the deck by the poolside this afternoon. The reason I wanted a picture is the following. In French, a pine cone is translated “cocotte” and it’s one of the few pet names I give you on a daily basis. So for you ma petite Cocotte, a pine cone:

Une cocotte pour ma Cocotte!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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